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How do I perform a WHOIS lookup on a domain name?

WHOIS stands for “Who is?” and is a utility used to look up information on domain names.  This includes contact information as well as some technical information such as the domain’s name servers (DNS) used for service, and certain Status information such as if the domain is Locked.

Enter the domain name in the form below to perform a WHOIS Lookup on it:

Whois Lookup

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PLEASE NOTE: Some types of domains (TLDs) will not show all information (or will not show any information at all) from WHOIS utilities used outside the the Registry’s website for that type of domain name.

If you think you’re not being shown all information available, or no information comes through at all, please see the WHOIS section of this website and see if there’s an alternative WHOIS lookup  for the type of domain you need information about.

The WHOIS section of this website will also contain information that explains certain things you need to know about some types of domain names, as well as what some Status codes mean.