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How do I remove a name server (DNS entry) from my domain?

From time to time it may become necessary for you to remove the name servers connected to your domain. This may happen because your site’s hosting service has gone out of business, or you have decided to change hosting providers. You have two options here. You can either remove the existing name server entries, or you can edit the exiting entries to reflect the new name servers you would like to use. Once you login to your domain you will make these changes in a screen similar to this:

Name Server section of the Domain Management Interface

Removing existing name servers:

  1. Log into a Domain Management Interface
  2. Click on the Name Server link at the top of the page. This will bring you to the Edit name server screen
  3. Click on the remove box beside the name server entries.
  4. Click on Save Configuration

Your old name server entries will be deleted. NOTE: With no name servers attached to your domain, nobody will be able to find your domain on the internet.   If it is important for your domain to stay available, you must add new name server to your domain as soon as possible!  For many types of domains you are required to have at least two name servers.  Having only one (or none) may generate errors in the interface. Edit the existing name servers used for the domain:

  1. Log into a Domain Management Interface
  2. Click on the Name Servers link
  3. Edit the server hostnames in the boxes provides. NOTE: Do not add the IP addresses.   Please use only the server names! Our system will determine the IP automatically.
  4. Click Save Configuration (or cancel changes if you’ve made a mistake)

You should see “Name Servers for xxxxxx updated successfully” in red near the top of the screen if you were successful.11