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How do I change my Name Servers (DNS)?

To find out what Name Servers (DNS) means, see this article.

To change your Name Servers, log into your Domain Management Interface, and click the Name Servers link.  You will see a screen similar to this:

Name Server section of the Domain Management Interface

Enter the nameservers for the domain name into the Nameserver entry boxes.

Note: You only have to add the host name of the Name Server. (ie: NS1.EXAMPLE.COM)  The IP address of the server is handled automatically.

After the changes are made, click Save Configuration.  Please note this action does not delete the name server itself — it only removes it from being used by this domain name.

To remove a nameserver, you simply erase it from the entry box.

This procedure assumes that the name servers you specify are registered, valid Internet name servers.   Some Registries (such as .ORG) maintain their own databases of registered, valid name servers, rather following the Registry of .COM/.NET nameservers database.  If you are receive a message about being unable to verify existence of name server, this is probably because the name server is not in that Registry’s database.  Contact your Domain Provider to have those name servers added to the Registry’s database.

The name servers’ IP addresses will only be displayed when you use a name server based on the same TLD.   For example, the IP address will show up when you use a .ORG name server (ex: NS1.EXAMPLE.ORG) on a .ORG domain (ex: EXAMPLE.ORG).  If the numerical IP address is not displayed on this page, please note that it has no effect on the domain name.

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