Tucows Domains

When I attempt to log in to the Domain Management Interface I am redirected to another website? Why? What can I do there, and what is my username and password for that site?

In the case of some domains, when you log into the Domain Management Interface you are sent to another website with a login page similar to this one:

Alternative Login Screen

You will need to login to this second website in order to make changes to your domain.

Additionally, please note many of the instructions contained in this help system will not work within this new website, however the new website will contain its own help system to assist you once you are able to login to it.  Usually these are listed as “Help” and “FAQ” in the menu.

If you recall what the website looked like where you purchased your domain (or last managed it) this is likely the very same website.  This website is managed by your Domain Provider and they can be contacted for support through pages within this new website.

If you don’t recall your username and password for this new website, there is a link to have this information emailed to you.  This link is often labeled “Forgot your password or account information?”