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Advanced Topic: What are Domain Profiles, and how do they work?

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In order to speed up registrations and make managing domains easier, Tucows has a system called Domain Profiles.   A profile is simply a username and password associated with a domain or domains which gives access to a Web-based interface to manage these specific domains.

When registering or transferring domains, instead of typing all the same information repeatedly, your Provider can use the profile of an existing Tucows-registered domain as template for the new registration.  The domain information (Administrative Contact, Billing Contact, Technical Contact, and name servers) for the two domains will be exactly the same.

Domains that are created or transferred using the same profile information can be managed together in the Domain Management Interface.  This is where the domain, username and password combination are entered to gain secure access to a Domain Management Interface.  Here the end-user can change contact info for all domains in the same profile.  They can also easily switch between different domains using Manage Another Domain link.

It is important to remember that anyone with the profile login information can change all info for all domains in the profile, including ownership.  Guard this information carefully!