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Advanced Topic: How can I manage all my domains in a single profile?

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You can manage all your domain in a Grouped Domain Profile.   If you have a number of domains with Tucows, and you want them to all show up in the Domain Management Interface in one place, follow these steps:

Keep one of your domains in mind as the target domain.   The instructions below will group other domains together with the target domain into one “grouped profile” of domains.

  1. Log into the Domain Management Interface
  2. Click on the Manage Profile link
  3. Click on the Change Ownership of Domain (do not worry, you won’t be changing actual ownership)
  4. Enter in username and password of the target domain you want to add this domain to
  5. Enter the target domain name into Previously Registered Domain
  6. Put a checkmark on Move To Existing Profile
  7. Click on Change Owner

You will now see near the top of the screen that you are managing two domain names. If the target domain was already part of a grouped domain profile, you will see all the domains that were in the profile originally, plus the new one you just added.

Danger! Danger! Danger!

Just a few words about the security of grouped domain profile.

All domains in the profile will now have the same username & password.  If anyone gains access to the username/password, they will have access to all domains in the profile and have the ability to change ownership of the domain names.  Guard these access credentials carefully!