Tucows Domains

What can I do about SPAM or “phishing” from a Tucows/OpenSRS registered domain?

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Tucows has no control over this domain.

We are not the legal owners of the domain, we are just the wholesale Registrar that the domain was purchased through using one of our Providers. The domain is not hosted on our network, nor do we provide bandwidth, web hosting, or email services for this domain. We cannot just delete domains that have objectionable words in them.

If you wish to have the site shut down, you can try contacting their Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly, or the company the Internet Service Provider gets their own Internet connection from (often called their ‘upstream provider’).   You can look up the IP address that the SPAM was sent from using http://www.arin.net/ WHOIS to find who the IP Netblock (the batch of IP addresses assigned to a company) belongs to.  The site’s ISP may have rules governing the use of their service.

You can also try contacting the domain owners listed as the Registrant of the domain name, or the Administrative Contact for the domain name.   Their full contact information is available by performing a WHOIS lookup using our WHOIS lookup utility